Mary McEvoy


Biography: Qualified 1981. Initially with a general litigation background but specialising as a Family Lawyer in 1991. Considerable Court room experience, in particular handling contested child care cases but also financial disputes and children matters. Over the years I and my colleagues have built up good relationships with local experts and have considerable information on suitable advocates (barristers) to provide specialist representation at Court.

Why Collaborative:
I have been very conscious throughout my 31 years as a lawyer that the legal process can damage parties; it can permanently change relationships for the worse which can be very detrimental to children who have virtually no say in the legal process. It has seemed to me to be important to try to retain and promote goodwill between the parties so they can move on with the minimum degree of bitterness. Ultimately, there are decisions which have to be made and there is a variety of ways of reaching those decisions – in the long term interests of the couple and, where there are children, it seems appropriate to do so in a professional focused way using the considerable skills of Collaborative Lawyers to bring matters to a conclusion rather than conducting cases in an acrimonious, distrustful and threatening manner. Collaborative Law promotes a focused and problem solving approach.

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