John Sheehan


Biography: Chartered accountant dealing with business valuations and tax advice on income arrangements and asset transfers and disposals in the context of divorce and separation.

Why Collaborative:
Often, where one spouse has business interests and the other is not involved in the business, there is a lack of knowledge and understanding about the business that can lead to misconceptions about the capital value of, and the income that can be generated from, a business. The collaborative approach allows such matters to be more easily dealt with where both parties can ask questions of an independent third party about how complex business structures work and how valuations have been computed. Additionally tax issues can be flushed out and help decide the best assets to be disposed of, if that is necessary. Working together, both spouses can ensure that the taxman is not the major beneficiary of their divorce!

Firm Name: UHY Hacker Young

Firm Address:
PO Box 501,
The Nexus Building

Phone: 01462 687333