Ben Twitchen


Biography: I specialise in Family Law including Child Law, Divorce, and the division of marital assets. I have been qualified in Collaborative Law since 2006 and I am a member of the Law Society Family Panel of accredited experts. I manage a team of three family lawyers in St Albans.

Why Collaborative:
Every Collaborative Law case I have been involved with has been a success, with both parties pleased with an outcome they have reached together, based on their views of fairness. It is hugely preferable to the contested Court process which generally leaves both sides feeling they have no control, and that the outcome is forced upon them. I strongly recommend Collaborative Law as the civilised way of resolving the legal and financial issues that arise on separation.

Firm Name: Taylor Walton

Firm Address:
107 Holywell Hill
St Albans

Phone: 01727 845245


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