Amicable Divorce

Based upon a mutual agreement between you and your partner, the Collaborative approach promotes a more amicable divorce. In some cases the divorce process can be quicker and have less of a financial impact. More importantly, it allows you to save what you can from your relationship so that, particularly where families are concerned, you can continue to function as joint parents of your children.

“If the family is still able to talk and deal with the complexities of a relationship breakdown more amicably, that family will salvage a better relationship moving forwards. One of the benefits of Collaborative Law is that it offers each family a better alternative. Collaborative Law helps clients to achieve a brighter future…”

Paula Butterworth, Rayden Solicitors

The Collaborative approach brings couples together with lawyers and supporting experts who work as a team to a mutually beneficial and amicable solution. A Collaborative Divorce is truly unique, with each party treated as an individual during the process. So rather than the outcome of a divorce being imposed by a court, decisions are reached through negotiation and compromise. It can remove the uncertainty of a court-led procedure. At the end of the process many people feel a strong sense of satisfaction.

A Collaborative Divorce is a journey and can be more comprehensive than traditional court proceedings as it often covers elements that would be ignored in court. This can lead to a deeper level of satisfaction and certainty at the end of the process, as both parties have been able to fully express their needs and desires and have been able to maintain their dignity throughout.

Constructive Discussions

This means you get to discuss the issues directly with your spouse, but you each have your own specially trained solicitor on hand to give you advice and ensure that the discussions are constructive. Both you and your spouse have to sign up to an agreement at the outset to confirm that you will not go to court to resolve the disputes. This gives you the freedom to negotiate issues without the threat of court action.

Provided both of you enter and complete the process in good faith, it can be quicker and cheaper than the traditional court approach. It can also be less acrimonious, which can be particularly important if young children are involved.

If you want a family-focused, respectful legal solution to your relationship or break down, Collaborative Law is for you.

An amicable divorce can help to alleviate the effect of divorce on you and your family. Herts Collaborative Law operates in Hertfordshire and the surrounding area.